Performing Arts Charters

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Perform at Your Best

When the curtain rises, performing artists are mentally focused on their craft and ready to shine — travel accommodations and the safety of their instruments is the last thing on their minds. CharterSearch strives to maintain an efficient travel program catered to every artist’s needs.

Our staff coordinates with airlines to ensure safe travel for both the artist and their prized instruments. Every performance matters and our #1 goal is for every artist to take the stage stress and worry free.

Flight operations and safety

While you rehearse and practice for an upcoming show, we’ll work closely with your air carrier to coordinate travel plans, so your travel group is ready for a smooth take off. Our flight operations and customer support team monitor real-time flight activity with state-of-the-art flight tracking systems and receive up-to-the-minute flight status — helping them troubleshoot potential delays while you relax and prepare for the spotlight.

From wheels up to touchdown, our highest priority is ensuring our services rise above industry standards in quality. We work with the world’s finest airlines and operators and only properly certified carriers operating under FAR 121 or FAR 135 regulations can fly through us.

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