Collegiate Athletic Charters

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When You’ve Got Games To Make, Experience Counts

Since 1987, CharterSearch has arranged, scheduled and monitored more on demand passenger flight segments for Division I collegiate athletic programs than all other charter arrangement service companies – combined.

Fast on our feet to take the worry off of you

Experience has taught us that if we think fast and arrange for contingencies when there’s even a hint of a potential travel delay, we can eliminate schedule adjustments in advance. Your team can concentrate 100% on the game while we focus 100% on getting them there.

Using sophisticated flight tracking, our Flight Coordinators manage your flights from takeoff to landing. We spot potential problems and find the absolute best possible options to preserve the integrity of your schedule and solve problems.

With a broad network of top-tier air carrier partners at the ready, we help teams get to the game every time, even through tough, critical winter months. Since 1987, we’ve completed over 99.3% of our collegiate athletics charter flights – the highest in the industry.

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